Did you know that student members of Coleman PTSA can also be members of the PTSA Board and help make decisions that affect Coleman? Students are uniquely qualified to know what is happening as well as what is needed at school. The PTSA invites interested students to apply to be a member of its PTSA Board.


The role of the PTSA Student Board is to:


  • Represent the student body at the PTSA Board Meetings
  • Facilitate communication between the student body and the PTSA Board
  • Look for ways to improve the Coleman campus and experience for students
  • Brainstorm improvement ideas
  • Implement improvements


Student Board members will represent all Coleman students. As student representatives, they will bring student concerns and suggestions to the PTSA Board. The student representatives will meet as a group after school one Monday each month. Each PTSA Student Board member will attend one PTSA Board meetings each semester. The student representative will have the opportunity to present student comments, Student Board projects as well as help strategize on school issues with the PTSA Board. All student members of the PTSA are encouraged and welcome to attend the General Membership meetings held throughout the school year.


Please read the criteria below and complete the application process if you are interested in serving your school as a member of its PTSA Student Board. An integral part of the application are the paragraphs we ask you to submit along with this application. The topic is as follows: The PTSA Student Board is looking for ways to improve the school. Write a paragraph (or more) on an idea you have for a project or a process that could help improve the school as well as a paragraph describing why you would like to serve on the student board.


Each applicant must:


  • Be a current Coleman PTSA member and available to meet after school on Mondays
  • Obtain parent/guardian permission
  • Return this application along with the requested paragraphs to PTSA       



 You will be notified by email if you have been selected.

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